Branko Gogovski

Artist & Designer

Branko Gogovski is an artist and designer from Macedonia born in 1965. He graduated at the University in Skopje in 1990. Since then he has been dealing with decorations and interior design for homes,shops and offices in his very own style.He creates handmade walls-murals, mirrors,pieces of furniture etc.

He develops unique technique which is a result of his imagination, and it has no limits on media and ideas. His pieces of art are mixture of his fantasy, ideas and they are elaborated with sophistication. The artist himself oppose the contrastive media which at first sight don't look compatible but they give unexpected effects. There is a very strong idea in all his pieces of art.

Description of the technique
His technique is quite original and his pieces of art are unique. It can be explained as a combination of more techniques (mixed media).
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